Big Data Analytics – Hadoop Developer

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Course Objectives

  • How to Plan and Deploy a Hadoop Cluster;
  • How to load Data and Run Applications;
  • Configuration of a Hadoop Cluster;
  • Performance Tuning of Hadoop Cluster;
  • How to Manage, Maintain, Monitor and Troubleshoot Hadoop Cluster.


Apache Hadoop is capable to store and process structured and unstructured data, and data is the main element for predictive analytics. This two days course prepares system administrator the skills from installation and configuration to load balancing and tuning.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for those who need to manage Hadoop cluster.

Training Outline

Part 1 – Introduction to Hadoop
  • Understand Apache Hadoop, HDFS, Hadoop Cluster and Hadoop Administration
  • Insights on Hadoop 2.0, Namenode High Availability, HDFS Federation, YARN, MapReduce v2
Part 2 – Hadoop Installation and Deployment
  • Install VMware on workstation
  • Configure vm
  • Install Centos on vm
  • Install Cloudera Hadoop
  • Hadoop Practicals
  • Load data and run an application
Part 3 – Cloudera Hadoop Administration
  • Configuration and Performance Tuning
  • Manage, Maintain, Monitor and Troubleshoot a Hadoop Cluster
Hadoop Practicals:
  • Setting up a 3-nodes Hadoop cluster
  • Node 1 – Namenode, datanode, tasktracker
  • Node 2 & 3 – Jobtracker, datanode, tasktracker


Basic knowledge of Unix / Linux.