Talend Data Mapper Advanced-HL7

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Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Invoke TDM maps in data integration Jobs and ESB mediation Routes
  • Parse complex HL7 files, including escape sequences, out-of-order segments, and z-segments
  • Process HL7 messages in real time or batch using mediation Routes
  • Implement the MLLP protocol using mediation Routes

Target Audience

Java developers and software architects

Training Outline

HL7 in context
  • Concepts
Introduction to HL7
  • Creating a simple HL7 to XML conversion
  • Mapping complex HL7 files
Creating Mediation Routes
  • Creating a simple file-consuming Route
  • Creating a simple conversion Route
Exchanging HL7 Messages Using the MLLP Protocol
  • Creating an admission message
  • Sending the admission message
  • Creating an acknowledgment message
  • Sending an acknowledgment message
  • Receiving the acknowledgment message
Processing orders
  • Processing multiple order messages


Completion of Data Integration Basics and TDM Essentials