Talend Data Mapper Advanced-Spark

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Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Invoke TDM maps in Big Data batch and streaming Jobs
  • Understand the basics of Spark, Spark streaming, and Kafka
  • Use TDM components dedicated to Big Data Jobs
  • Enable multiple outputs on TDM Big Data components

Target Audience

Java developers and software architects

Training Outline

Connection to the Hadoop Cluster
  • Opening a training project
  • Monitoring the Hadoop cluster
  • Creating cluster metadata
Converting Files
  • Converting file formats
Transforming Files
  • Transforming files – single output
  • Transforming files – multiple outputs
Processing Files
  • Processing hierarchical data in files
Processing Streams
  • Understanding the basics of Kafka
  • Processing streams of records


Completion of Data Integration Basics and TDM Essentials