Talend ESB Basics

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Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Create mediation Routes
  • Explore messages, exchanges, and the SiMPLE language
  • Use Java code and JavaBeans
  • Reroute messages
  • Discover Enterprise Information Patterns (EIP)
  • Call DI Jobs from Routes
  • Explore more EIPs
  • Message with a dedicated broker
  • Develop SOAP web services
  • Develop REST web services

Target Audience

Java application developers and software architects

Training Outline

Creating mediation Routes
  • Defining a simple file-consuming route
Exploring messages, exchanges, and the SiMPLE language
  • Custom logging with SiMPLE expressions
  • Setting up a body and headers with ESB components
Using Java code and JavaBeans
  • Accessing an exchange using Java
  • Creating a JavaBean
Rerouting messages
  • Using the cDirect component to reroute a message
Discovering EIPs
  • Content-based routing
  • Splitting a message
  • Routing a message in a sequence of destinations
  • Broadcasting a message
Calling DI Jobs from Routes
  • Creating a Route to call Jobs
  • Creating DI Jobs
  • Configuring the cTalendJob component
Exploring more EIPs
  • Duplicating a message
  • Load balancing between two Routes
  • Throttling and delaying messages
Messaging with a dedicated broker
  • Sending messages to ActiveMQ
  • Reading messages from ActiveMQ
Developing SOAP web services
  • Creating a simple SOAP web service
  • Developing a SOAP consumer Job
  • Creating a product catalog SOAP service
Developing REST web services
  • Creating a simple REST web service
  • Developing a REST consumer Job
  • Adding URL parameters in REST services
  • Using the HTTP verb POST


Completion of Data Integration Basics, a good understanding of Java