Blockchain Master Developer (CBMD)

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Course Objectives

The CBMD credential certifies individuals in the Blockchain discipline of Distributed Ledger Technology from a vendor-neutral perspective.


A Certified Blockchain Master Developer (CBMD) is a skilled professional with a deep understanding of Blockchain technology, enabling them to build Blockchain-based applications for enterprises and businesses. Certified Blockchain Professional is an exhaustive training, lab- and exam-based program.

Target Audience

Software Engineers being familiar with software development processes, and worked with at least one of the programming languages used for writing smart contracts.

Training Outline

Blockchain Master Developer
  • What is Blockchain in real life?
  • Why is Blockchain better than traditional technologies?
  • Benefits of using Blockchain.
  • Bitcoin & Blockchain: What is the relation?
  • Ethereum & Smart Contracts.
  • Private vs. Public Blockchain.
  • Why is it called a P2P network?
  • Consensus: How conflicts are being resolved?
  • When to Use a Blockchain & when not?
  • What is Blockchain mining? What are Miners? What does a Miner do?
  • Security: Why Blockchain is More Secure.
  • Attacks: How Blockchain Can Be Hacked.
  • Private Blockchain: Can I setup my Own Blockchain.
  • What are Some Different Blockchain Technologies?
  • Blockchain-as-a-Service.
  • Use Cases: Supply-chain, Manufacturing, Healthcare Record Keeping, Music & Entertainment Industry.


The candidate should have completed CBPD (Certified Blockchain Professional Developer).