Cryptocurrency Regulations Professional (CCRP)

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Course Objectives

CCRP enables the participants understand how the Cryptocurrency market operates, and the risks market participants assume, as well as emerging Cryptocurrency regulations in the US and around the world.


The topic of Cryptocurrencies is attracting considerable attention among central banks, regulators, and legislators due to their potential to lower transaction costs, reduce payment timeframes, and improve financial inclusion, as well as because of the multitude of perceived risks over security, consumer protection and financial crime.

So far, the regulatory response to cryptocurrencies has been fragmented, with a patchwork of uncoordinated initiatives developing in different jurisdictions. Cryptocurrency Regulations Certification details the risks of participating in cryptocurrency markets, and provides an overview of the main regulatory developments affecting cryptocurrencies in the US, China, the EU, Canada and Australia. Upon successfully completing this course, you will become a certified Cryptocurrency Regulations Professional (CCRP).

Target Audience

The ideal Cryptocurrency Regulations Training participant is very familiar with the regulation of international financial markets.

Training Outline

Cryptocurrency Regulations Professional
  • An introduction to cryptocurrencies:
    • The development of cryptocurrencies.
    • Adoption of cryptocurrency.
    • Considerations for businesses looking at cryptocurrency technology: the potential benefits and risks.
    • How cryptocurrencies work in practice.
  • Insuring cryptocurrency risks.
  • The legal nature of cryptocurrency.
  • Cryptocurrency litigation risks:
    • The various rights and obligations of participants in the system,
    • The enforcement and specific performance of cryptocurrency obligations, and finally
    • The mechanisms for recovering cryptocurrency units through litigation
  • Taking security over cryptocurrencies:
    • What is the value of the security being taken?
    • Is cryptocurrency capable of being given as security?
    • Why is the question of ownership important?
    • Why is regulatory risk an issue?
    • What kind of security could be created over cryptocurrency?
    • Why is enforcement of security an important consideration?
    • The impact of insolvency of the owner of cryptocurrencies.
  • Regulation of cryptocurrencies


The candidate should have completed CCBF (Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Fundamentals).