SAR Signal Processing Techniques

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Course Objectives

  • Learn the basic principles of two- and three-dimensional radar imaging
  • Understand the relationships and tradeoffs between major SAR imaging algorithms
  • See how SAR concepts and basic calculations are manifested in a variety of systems
  • Interpret SAR image phenomenology
  • Avoid common SAR misconceptions


Synthetic aperture radar has been recognized as an essential component of future surveillance systems. One of the major challenges associated with SAR is the SAR image formation. The generation of a two-dimensional image out of the SAR raw data is a computational intensive task. SAR sensors produce huge volumes of raw data that need to be processed into SAR image, thus the selection of the right SAR algorithm for a system is very important to ensure time and cost efficiency without compromising the accuracy of the image.

Target Audience

This course is specially designed for undergraduates, postgraduates, and engineers interested in

  • SAR system design
  • SAR signal simulation and processing

Training Outline

Day 1

Radar Fundamental

  • Electromagnetic (EM) Scattering
  • Radar Cross Section (RCS)

Target Detection Techniques

  • Matched Filter and Pulse Compression
  • Target Detection Techniques of LFM Radar

Hands-on Session:

  • Matched Filter and Pulse Compression in MATLAB
Day 2

Synthetic Aperture Radar

  • System Model
  • SAR Signal Simulation

SAR Signal Processing Techniques (Part 1)

  • Range Doppler Algorithm

Airborne SAR Signal Processing

  • SAR Point Target Simulation & Processing
  • Airborne SAR Data Processing

Hands-on Session:

  • SAR Point Target Simulation and Processing in MATLAB
  • Airborne SAR Data Processing in MATLAB
Day 3

SAR Signal Processing Techniques (Part 2)

  • Chirp Scaling Algorithm
  • Omega-K Algorithm

Spaceborne SAR Signal Processing

  • CEOS SAR Data Standard

Hands-on Session:

  • CEOS SAR Data Extraction in MATLAB
  • Spaceborne SAR Data Processing in MATLAB


  • Basic knowledge of radar system and MATLAB programming