DISC Personal & Organisational Development Workshop

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Course Objectives

  • Individual:
    • Maximise personal strengths and minimize weaknesses.
    • Learn what motivates you and the fears that paralyse you.
    • Enhance relational time personally and professionally.
    • Gain greater sensitivity to others around you.
    • Assess to a person’s non-verbal communication.
    • Teach others about applied behaviour.
    • Help children and teenagers develop a positive self-image.
  • Organisation:
    • Enhance teamwork among staff in the organization.
    • Resolve internal conflicts and power struggles more quickly.
    • Identify how and why people make certain decisions.
    • Reveal root communication problems.
    • Motivate others towards greater productivity.
    • Hiring, training, developing staff.
    • Help to build and enhance working relationships.


Every person has distinctive characteristics and qualities, combining to influence their thinking, preferences and behaviour. The DISC Personality System is a positive tool, aiming to help individuals increase in effectiveness as they identify and capitalise on strengths, whilst recognizing potential weaknesses and blind spots.

Target Audience

Individual and organisation.

Training Outline

Introduction to DISC: Theory & Background
  • Introduction & Origins of DISC
  • DISC Model: Relational orientation verses task accomplishment
DISC Unpacking Procedure
  • Highlighting your individual style
  • Behavioural tendencies
  • DISC team activity
Making Sense Out of the DISC Graphs
  • The meaning of your graphs
  • Personal growth areas for different styles
  • Case study: Hot-seat of the day
DISC & Leadership
  • The 4 dimensions of leadership styles
  • PowerDISC©
  • Case study and team activity
DISC & Team Building
  • Embrace diversity to build effective team
  • 4 behavioural tools for applications
  • Case study & team activity