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Data Management & Governance

Data Security Management and Governance Solutions in Malaysia

Quandatics is Malaysia’s top provider of data security management and data governance solutions. Our team of experts has extensive experience in enterprise data governance, data management, and data warehouse implementation. We offer a wide range of services, including data security management, a data management consulting, and data governance solutions to help organizations in Malaysia protect and manage their data effectively. Our goal is to help businesses in Malaysia safeguard their sensitive information, comply with regulations and make data-driven decisions. Integrating this with our data science services, you can trust that your data is secure and that you are making informed decisions based on accurate and actionable insights. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed with data security management and data governance solutions.



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Beyond traditional database management, we build data lakes, warehouses, and marts for different purposes of consumption, all while ensuring the right access to trustworthy data at the speed of business. The specializations in this area include data modelling, data quality, metadata management, master data management (MDM), and infrastructure management.


On top of its Data Integration muscles, Talend positions itself as an A-to-Z data management and governance platform. It comes with important capabilities for data quality management, data stewardship, data lineage, and enterprise pipeline impact analysis to ensure trusted data are available at the speed of business.

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Snowflake is a 100% cloud-based enterprise data warehouse, designed and built for the cloud. It utilizes object storages and provides elastic multi-warehouse computing capacity on public clouds, thereby achieving unparalleled warehousing performance and cost effectiveness.



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Cloudera provides an end-to-end, state-of-the-art big data management and analytics platform. The Hadoop ecosystem, on which Cloudera’s offering is based on, cater for just about any form of enterprise data assets regardless of their size, speed, and structure while having a highly-scalable architecture.



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As a recognized leader in master data management (MDM), and a pioneer in data asset management, TIBCO EBX™ software is an innovative, single solution for managing, governing, and consuming all your shared data assets. It includes all the enterprise class capabilities you need to create data management applications.     Find Out More

Professional Services

  • Consultation on corporate data management and governance roadmaps.
  • Design of data models across raw, conformed, curated, reconciled, augmented, and shared layers over typical enterprise data platforms.
  • Establish management workflows for data quality, metadata, and master data – to ensure their integrity, cleanliness, and accuracy.
  • Implement, optimize, and manage data platforms such as SQL/No-SQL warehouses and Hadoop clusters, both on-cloud and on-premise.

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