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The Magic Of Automation In Financial Closing


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Today, businesses and financial institutions face a crucial choice: stick to old-fashioned manual processes or adopt automated solutions. The need for accuracy, efficiency, and real-time insights is driving this decision, and it’s reshaping how financial management works in our digital age.

Let’s explore the implications of these approaches and how they’re shaping the future of finance.

Manual Financial Closing vs Automation of Financial Closing 

The financial closing process refers to the activities undertaken by an organization at the end of a financial period to close its books and prepare financial statements. 

For a manual financial closing, the process can be time-consuming and complex, involving multiple steps such as reconciling accounts, reviewing financial transactions, and preparing financial reports.

Rather, automation of financial closing involves using software tools and technologies to streamline and accelerate the financial closing process. This can involve automating routine tasks, such as reconciling accounts and generating financial reports, to reduce human errors and improve accuracy.

Who Should Attend?

Finance and Account Professionals 

What Are The Key Takeaways? 

  • How automation streamlines the financial closing process in terms of accuracy and employee productivity
  • How to comply with regulatory requirements while automating the financial closing process

CCH Tagetik is our technology partner, a leading global provider of corporate performance management (CPM) and financial solutions. 

CCH Tagetik offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions that cater to various aspects of financial management and reporting, making it a popular choice for finance professionals across different industries. Its solutions are designed to streamline financial processes, improve data accuracy, accelerate financial reporting, and enable better decision-making.

Manual financial closing can be complex and time-consuming, but automation can streamline and accelerate the process, reducing human error and improving accuracy.

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