About Us

About Us

Digital transformation and data analytics have become necessities for today’s businesses to stay relevant. Founded in 2014, Quandatics strive to offer sound digital transformation strategies, as well as business-friendly data analytics solutions and services, to answer critical questions for enterprises.

As a regional value-added partner of the state-of-the-art data science platform, RapidMiner, Quandatics aims to make advanced analytics accessible to all levels of organizations in South East Asia. Apart from RapidMiner, we implement technological pieces from leaders like Talend, Snowflake, Cloudera, TIBCO, and Tableau to deliver effective, end-to-end data analytics solutions for our clients. With our dynamic technologies and skillsets, we enable comprehensive data integration across existing and newly implemented data sources around an organization. By leveraging these data, our clients could gain actionable insights on multiple aspects in their operations, hence achieving improved revenues, decreased costs, and minimized risks.

Our blend of technical expertise in the field of data analytics includes data engineering, data management, data governance, data science, and data visualization – all of which essential capabilities for our clients to discover additional values for their businesses.

Important Corporate Milestones



Year 2014

In corporated on 1st Oct 2014



Year 2017

  • Became regional (sole) Master Value Added Reseller for RapidMiner
  • Became Gold Partner (2017) and Master Services Subcontractor (2018) for Talend



Year 2018

  • Established regional office in Bangkok on 1st quartile, 2018
  • Established regional office in Manila on 4th quartile, 2018
  • Winner of 2018 Golden Eagle Award – Emerging Eagle Category
  • Winner of 2018 Star Outstanding Business Award (SOBA)
  • Winner of 2018 Talend Most Valuable Partner Award


Year 2019

  • New Corporate Headquarters in EkoCheras, Kuala Lumpur on 2nd quartile, 2019
  • Established regional office in Singapore on 4th quartile, 2019